Air conditioning repair in London Ontario

Common Air Conditioning Repairs You May Need This Summer

With the summer months not far away, it's time to give some thought to air conditioning repair in London. At Comfort Zone Services, we want to make sure you stay cool and comfortable when it's hot outside. Air conditioning problems tend to come up when you need your air conditioner the most, so it's best to schedule regular maintenance or to at least be ready for the following repairs before summer hits:

Fan Belt Replacement 

Has your air conditioner been making a squeaking sound? It likely needs to have its fan belt replaced. Fan belt replacement is a quick and simple air conditioning repair in London that will keep your air conditioner working as it should.

Refrigerant Leak Sealing 

Your air conditioner won't be able to keep your property cool if its refrigerant levels are low. The most common cause of low refrigerant levels is a leak. Patching a refrigerant leak as quickly as possible will get your air conditioner back up and running at full capacity, and it will protect the surrounding environment as well.

Condensate Line Cleaning

A clogged condensate line can cause water to leak from your air conditioner and may even cause your unit to shut off entirely. Thankfully, cleaning the debris buildup in the condensate line is an easy air conditioner repair in London. Just call in the professionals and you'll soon be good to go.

Electrical Repair 

Sometimes the issue is mechanical, while other times the problem will lie with your air conditioner's electrical system. Electrical issues such as faulty wiring, thermostat failure, sensor problems, and corroded terminals can cause your air conditioner to stop working or to run erratically. While an unexpected shutoff may sometimes simply be the result of a tripped breaker, other electrical problems should be handled by a professional.

General Maintenance 

With the added demands of the summertime, your air conditioner is likely going to need some general maintenance. If the unit sounds noisier than usual or doesn't seem to be running as well as last year, then it's best to contact a London air conditioner repair expert for an inspection and some routine maintenance.

Compressor Replacement

When an older air conditioner unit no longer seems to be able to keep up with your cooling demands, the problem may lie with a failing compressor. Compressor replacement can be costly, and it may make more financial sense to invest in a brand new unit, especially if yours is getting on in years and has a history of breaking down.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Repair in London

You don't need to put up with the heat if your air conditioner breaks or isn't running like it used to. If you need air conditioning repair in London, then you can trust Comfort Zone Services to get your unit back up and running. We provide both residential air conditioning services and commercial air conditioning services to help keep our clients cool both at home and at the office.

For more information on air conditioning repair in London, simply contact Comfort Zone Services today.

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