Factors to Consider before Installing a Central Air Conditioning Unit

Are you looking for cheaper and smarter solutions to beat the summer heat? A central air conditioning unit is one of the best options for your general comfort and cooling needs. This system is cost-effective and energy-efficient as you don’t need to install separate air conditioners. It distributes fresh and cool air to all the rooms through a series of ducts by eliminating dust, lit and pollen. Having right air conditioning unit can be effective in controlling the room temperature.


At Comfort Zone Services, we offer a wide range of heating and cooling services to our customers. With our strong presence in London and the surrounding areas, we are known for our quality services and professionalism. We have been serving our residential and commercial clients with HVAC maintenance services since 1991. We have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. As our crew is available 24/7, we are able to prioritize even after-hours service requests.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning System

Some of the advantages of having central AC units at your home are:

  • It’s easy to operate via remote control
  • It makes less noise as the system is installed outdoors
  • It purifies and enhances the air quality
  • It circulates air throughout your home
  • It reduces humidity levels
  • It’s energy efficient and saves consumption costs
  • It’s compatible with furnaces and the ductwork can be integrated with heating system

8 Factors to Consider When Installing Central AC Units

You may be planning to upgrade or replace your old cooling systems. Before taking a final call, have a look on the following factors:

  • COST: Generally, people look for low cost cooling systems, which become very expensive in the long-run due to system breakdown. Installation of a central AC unit is expensive, but it saves your electricity bills.
  • SIZE: You should consider the size of a cooling system that could be easily placed in a specific location.
  • AIR QUALITY: Good-quality air keeps you healthy and prevents breathing problems. A large air conditioner system improves air quality and eliminates dust and pollens through the ductwork.
  • DURABILITY: Replacing and repairing your cooling units frequently is very annoying. Invest in a high-quality central cooling system that lasts longer compared to the window AC system. Don’t forget to check with your service providers about its durability.
  • LOCATION: If you have enough space in your house, choose the window AC units. If you don’t want to install the system indoors for better aesthetics, go for the central cooling system.
  • MAINTENANCE: The maintenance cost of a split system is very low. Through regular maintenance, your service providers take care of the AC systems ensuring its efficiency. A well maintained cooling system also improves the value of your home.
  • ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Check for energy efficiency ratings on your unit and choose those that are highly rated. This will help you to avoid paying over-expensive bills. Large AC units are environment-friendly as they don’t omit any harmful gases.
  • DUCTWORK: You should look for efficient ductwork to avoid leaks which can affect the cooling process and efficiency. Sealing and insulating ducts are very essential to improving the indoor air quality.

How Comfort Zone Services Can Help

Before purchasing an air conditioner, always complete the research and take a wise decision. Let Comfort Zone Services take care of your AC repair, maintenance and service needs. We ensure you choose the right cooling system and conduct annual maintenance. Feel free to request an estimate. If you want to upgrade your AC system to a central air conditioning unit, call our experts today!

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