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Quality Air Conditioning Repair in London

Are things starting to warm up when you need to keep them cool? Perhaps it’s time to check on the functionality of your air conditioner. Home air conditioning repair in London is our speciality and we can help cool you down again. Summer is the worst time to have an air conditioner on the fritz, so make sure Comfort Zone Services is providing periodic maintenance service and repairs to your unit. Our work is never done when it comes to your home comfort systems.

Our trained technicians have the right skills to detect what is wrong with your air conditioner, the right tools to fix the problem, and the right parts to replace when they become defective. Your scheduled repair will include some (or all) of these stages to determine the source of your air conditioning problem: 

  • Visual inspection of all parts of your unit
  • Full system diagnostic test
  • Charge and system control test
  • Leak test
  • Dye detection test

We service a number of air cooling brands like Ruud®, Rheem®, Carrier®, LG, American Standard®, and many more. When you need something fixed or it’s time for annual maintenance, we are always ready to bring the temperature back to normal.

Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Part of staying heat ready is avoiding a malfunctioning air conditioner when you need it the most. Follow these warning signs and be prepared for when you need to call for air conditioning repair in London:

  • Air conditioner is blowing warm air – As obvious as it should sound, the first indicator that your air conditioner is having problems is the production of warm air instead of cool air. No brainer!
  • A lack of air coming from the vents – A weak air flow is usually due to a failing compressor, or maybe something to do with your unit’s ducts. It could be one or both, so call the experts to determine which! 
  • Malfunctioning thermostat – Your controls are failing you! Maybe the unit won’t turn on, or maybe it turns itself off too early? This indicates that perhaps the thermostat is broken and not reading the unit properly.
  • Thermostat stops working – If you have to keep turning your thermostat higher and higher to warm your home even a small amount, it’s a clear indicator that something is wrong with your furnace. 
  • Noisy unit – Sounds where there should be silence is a clear sign of problems. If you hear scraping or high pitched squeals then perhaps a belt is out of place. This needs attention quickly before other pieces are damaged.
  • Bad smells coming out – A number of different smells coming from your air conditioner could mean a number of different issues. From a musty risk of mold to a pungent burned out wire, a smell is never a good sign. 
  • Electricity bills are adding up – Modern day air conditioners are designed to reduce energy output. This is measured in EER or Energy Efficiency Rating. Your unit may be suffering from surges in power, leaks in the ducts, or frequent turning on and off. 

Listen to the warning signs! If you experience any or some of these issues then it’s time to contact Comfort Zone Services to book your air conditioning repairs and maintenance.

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